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History of Our School

The Original Four
Picture a quaint little one room structure (outhouse out back), a long slate blackboard overflowing with number facts and grammatical problems, a patient teacher coincidentally delivering lessons to eight grades, the crackle and hiss of the wood in the box stove, the smell of smoke mixed with the musty aroma of old books, thirty to forty eager pupils  - some longing for knowledge, some day dreaming about more exciting situations and some plotting hilarious mischief for recess.  So was the scene in a typical one room school filled with learning, excitement, sharing, respect, due punishment, co-operation and lots of fun. 
From the early years, Kerns Township operated with four such schools -  SS-1A better known as Milberta School (built in 1901),  SS-1B better known as Highland School  (built in 1902),  SS-#3 better known as McCool School (build in 1904), and Kerns and Armstrong School nicknamed Red School (built in 1905).
Kerns Public School
In 1957, school inspector, Mr. Napper, asked for a 5 year projection to try and figure out how many students would be in the four schools.  From this information, it was decided to build a new school to amalgamate the four and in 1961 Kerns Central Public School was built.  The name was changed to Kerns Public School in 1968.  At one time, the student population increased to 310.  Today, our student population has decreased, but some of the original four traditions continue including our fabulous Fall Fair.